• About CHA Medical Group
  • Aiming to become the world-class biotechnology group

With the vision to become the world’s premier biotechnology group, CHA Medical Group was established in 1960. For more than half a century, CHA Medical Group has offered the best in medical practice and service with its cutting edge medical equipment and research capacity that combines the expertise from academia, research institutes, and its affiliates. As a leader in infertility and reproductive medicine, CHA Medical Group opened a reproductive medicine research institute, WesternㆍOriental medicine treatment hospital, fertility center and IVF clinic, and has made a constant effort to become the leading pioneer in the field. Such efforts culminated in the establishment of CHAUM Life Center, the premier wellness, longevity, and aesthetic medical facility, which combines Eastern and Western medicine with stem cell technology and alternative medicine. Going forward, CHA Medical Group will continue to innovate to strengthen its position as the premier global medical group.

120 years after western medicine was first introduced to Korea, CHA Medical Group opened the very first Korean-owned and operated general hospital in Los Angeles. CHA Medical Group also opened CHAUM Life Center which attracts prominent figures from all across the world with its state-of-the-act facilities and the Tokyo Cell Clinic (TCC) which specializes in immunotherapy, thereby strengthening its leading position as the premier medical group. Regarded as a pioneer that sets the global medicine trends, CHA Medical Group is drawing much attention as the next-generation model in the medical field.