• Program Introduction
  • Premium cell storage program tailored to customers

Integrated Stem Cell Bank

The premium, integrated stem cell bank is based on CHA Medical Group’s extensive experience in stem cell research and advanced cell freezing technology accumulated by research staff.

Immunocyte Bank

  • Our body has cells that control immunity or eat up germs to protect the body against pathogens, foreign materials or viruses. These are called immune cells or immunocytes. When recognizing tumor-specific antigens, activated natural killer cells (NK cell) either engulf cancer cells or release cytotoxic materials by forming pores in the membrane of the target cancelr cells, inducing cell killing. By doing so, NK cells selectively target and destroy cancer cells while sparing normal cells in our body. When attacking abnormal cells such as cancer cells, NK cells release protein, called perforin, to form pores in the membrane of the cancer cell through which the granzymes can enter, inducing apoptosis.

Adipose-Derived Stem Cell Bank

  • Stem cell, as a primitive stage cell, is able to differentiate into every cell or tissue in our body. Stem cells are undifferentiated biological cells that obtain specific functions and shapes through differentiation. They are capable of renewing themselves and differentiating into a number of cell types. Differentiation refers to the process by which a stem cell becomes specialized to have a specific structure or function while growing through division and proliferation.

Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Bank

  • For the past forty years, bone marrow stem cells have been used for transplantation therapy for treating hematologic cancers. Isolation of bone marrow stem cells cause risks and pains since it is extracted from a hipbone with general anesthesia. These days, however, easier collection of peripheral blood stem cells is possible through an apheresis machine after mobilizing stem cells in the bone marrow to peripheral blood by injecting granulocyte colony stimulating factor (G-CSF) for 4-5 times.

Storage Program

보관 상품 안내
Name Program Collection Method Retention Period Price
Immunocyte [Standard] Separation and storage of immunocytes, including NK cells, from blood Collect 150cc of blood 35 years KRW 5,850,000
Immunocyte [Premium] Collect 300cc of blood 35 years KRW 10,200,000
Stem Cell
Separation and storage of
adipose-derived stem cells after minor liposuction
Collect 40~60cc of fat 20 years KRW 9,000,000