• Why Banking Autologous Stem Cell?
  • Autologous stem cell storage is no longer a choice but a prerequisite

"Banking today means you can reap the benefits from the advanced therapies of tomorrow Bank now! "

Why preserve and store autologue Autologous stem cells and immunocyte?

01 Commercialization of

Stem-cell medicine

All across the world, there are ongoing research on treatments using stem cells and immunocytes to cure diseases that were once thought to be incurable. Stem cell therapeutics will be commercialized in the foreseeable future, contributing to the extension of life. Therefore, it is a good idea to store you stem cell today since the healthier and younger your stem cell is, the better treatment results it will bring.

02 Aging of Stem Cells

As a person ages, the number of stem cells as well as its activities such as proliferation and differentiation gradually decrease. In addition, the stem cell activity diminishes when a person develops a chronic illness. Therefore, freezing cells in a youthful state to prepare for your future health is extremely important.

03 Immunorejection

Each human body has its own histocompatible leukocyte antigen(HLA), so patients who undergo stem cell transplantations run the risk that their immune system may reject the allogeniec cells. Transplanting your own stem cell relieves concerns about the possibilities of immune system rejection or other side effects.

04 Lifelong insurance plan

You never know when you will develop a disease. Therefore, it’s important to collect and preserve your stem cells and help protect your future health.