• The following are some commonly asked questions and answers.
  • Are there any precautions before collecting stem cells or immunocytes?

There are no special precautions but we advise that you refrain from excessive exercise or drinking on the day before your appointment.

  • What is Bio Insurance, the integrated stem cell bank?

Banking your young and healthy stem cells provides peace of mind knowing that you have a valuable resource if you need it.
CHA Medical Group’s integrated stem cell bank is the insurance for your future health.

  • Who collects my stem cells and immunocytes?

The entire procedure of testing and collecting stem cells to be stored at the integrated stem cell bank will be supervised by experienced physicians at the CHA Medical Group.

  • How long can I store the collected stem cells and immunocytes?

Bio Insurance stores stem cells and immunocytes for 20 years and 35 years, respectively. However, as semi-permanently frozen is possible for the cells, we offer the opportunity to extend the storage duration before the contract expires.

  • Why is it necessary to store autologue stem cells and immunocyte?

There has been extensive research on stem cells with many clinical trials ongoing today. As a result, cellular therapy is expected to be commercialized in the next few years, contributing to extension of life and better health. However, the greatest concern in utilizing cellular therapy is immunorejection. Each human body has its own histocompatible leukocyte antigen(HLA), so patients who undergo stem cell transplantations run the risk that their immune system may reject the allogeniec cells. Transplanting cell autologous stem cells also relieves concerns about the possibilities of immune system rejection or other side effects. Banking your cells now provides the opportunity to multiply and utilize your younger, healthy cells at a later point in life

  • I want to receive counselling on stem cell storage. How can I request an appointment?

This program is offered at CHAUM, the premium, anti-aging life center of CHA Medical Group located in Cheongdam-dong. If you want in-person consultation, please make a request by calling 02-3015-5088 or leave a 1:1 inquiry on our website. We also provide consultation via our toll-free number 080-607-0088.