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About CHA health systems

In 1960, Dr. Cha started an Ob⁄Gyn clinic, which today has become the CHA Medical Group ,which operates 11 general hospitals with some 2,000 in-patient beds in Korea and Los Angeles. The CHA School of Medicine and various research institutes are also part of the CHA Medical Group.

Global CHA health systems Network

As a pioneer and global leader in stem cell therapy, CHA Medical Group conducts a wide range of research involving stem cells and new medical technologyies in order to contribute to the protection and promotion of human health.

  • First in Asia
  • 1993 First successful intracytoplasmic sperm injection
  • 1987 First successful pregnancy in a woman without            ovum
  • First in Korea
  • 2011 Approval for clinical trial using embryonic stem            cells to Stargardt’s Disease or Age-related            Macular Degeneration
  • 2000 Establishment of CHA Bio &Diostech to conduct            stem cell therapeutic research
               First medical center to conduct joint research            with academia
  • 1994 Successful pregnancy after Microsurgical Tubal            Reversal
  • 1988 Laparoscopic surgery
  • 1986 ZIFT (Zygote Intra-Fallopian Transfer)birth
  • 1986 IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) birth
  • 1985 GIFT (Gamete Intra- Fallopian Transfer)
  • First in World
  • 2014 World’s first human somatic cell nuclear            transfer using adult cells
  • 2009 Successful treatment of cerebral palsy using            autologous umbilical cord blood cells
  • 2005 Development of oocytes cryopreservation            technique using slush nitrogen/ ASRM Award
  • 1998 Discovery of oocytesvitrification with grid using            liquid nitrogen/ ASRM Award
  • 1988 Successful pregnancy after in vitro fertilization            of immature oocytes collected from
               non-stimulated cycles/ ASRM Award

Achievements of CHA Medical Group introduced in the Time Magazine

1991 – Outcome of CHA’s research on infertility and reproductive medicine introduced as the cover topic 1994 – Outcome of CHA’s research introduced in the medical column 1996 - CHA’s research on infertility and immature oocyes reported as feature story oocytes
Time지 표지 불임 연구성과 소개 Time지 의학컬럼 연구성과 소개 Time지 미성숙 난자 이용 불임,연구성과 소개

World’s first human somatic cell nuclear transfer using adult cells First successful treatment of cerebral palsy using autologous umbilical cord blood cells. First successful attempt at cerebral palsy treatment using allogeniec cord blood stem cells
계최초 배아줄기세포의 체세포<br/>
							핵치환을 통한 성인 체세포 복제 성공 타인 제대혈 줄기세포를 이용한<br>
							뇌성마비 치료 성공 타인 제대혈 줄기세포를 이용한<br>
							뇌성마비 치료 성공

Global Network

CHA Medical Group opened Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine International which specializes in stem cell research in Boston and Los Angeles and the CHA Regenerative Medical Institute which combines stem cell research with regenerative medicine.

A wide range of research across the CHA global network culminated in the development of immunotherapy at the Tokyo Cell Clinic. Currently, clinical trials on immunotherapy that target various carcinoma are ongoing at the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in LA as well as five hospitals in Korea that are part of the CHA Medical Group.

In addition, CHA Medical Group is in the process of developing cellular therapy based on stem cells. Working in close partnership with academia and other medical institutes, CHA Medical Group continuously strives to develop advanced technology ranging from cell culture to cellular therapies, and regenerative medicine.

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