• How to choose a stem cell banking company?
  • Storage of stem cells and immunocytes should be done by credible professionals
Extensive research experience and advanced technology

● practices

The cell extraction and culture process should bMust be equipped with GMP facilities (GMP: Good manufacturing)
e conducted in a safe and hygiene environment at certified GMP facilities.

● Must have patents related to cell technology

CHA Biotech Co., Ltd. holds some 70 patents related to cell technology.

● Must conduct clinical trials involving cellular therapies

CHA Medical Group has the technology and research manpower to conduct various clinical trials including the world's first umbilical cord blood-derived stem cell clinical trials in progres.

● Must have the technology to effectively isolate and culture stem cells

CHA Medical Group holds various source technologies related to embryonic stem cells and immunocytes.

● Should allow patients with hepatitis B and C to store their cells

CHA Medical Group has the technology to store the cells of patients with hepatitis.

● Should be able to store various types of stem cells

CHA Medical Group offers an integrated stem cell banking program that stores various types of
stem cells including immunocytes, adipose-derived stem cells, peripheral blood stem cells,
and cord blood-derived stem cells.

● Should be operated by a company with the technological
    prowess and knowhow about stem cells

CHA Biotech Co., Ltd. is recognized by the American Society for Reproductive
Medicine which awards the Cha Kwang-yul Stem Cell Prize.
(American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) is an authoritative
multidisciplinary organization with some 8,000 professionals who are
engaged in the practice of and research in reproductive medicine as members.)

Medical services

● Should offer consultation with a trusted physician

After storing your stem cell or immunocyte at Bio Insurance, you can request counseling with the medical team at CHAUM, CHA Bundang Medical Center, or other hospitals of the CHA Medical Group.

● Should have a hospital to utilize the stored cells for treatment in the futre

Once the cellular therapy is commercialized, you can utilize your cells stored at Bio Insurance at CHAUM or other specialized centers of the CHA Medical Group.

● Should provide a one-stop service from counseling to cell storage, and follow-up service

The medical team at CHAUM offers a one-stop service from counseling to cell storage, utilization of stored cells for immunotherapy as well as follow-up service deemed necessary.